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Our expertise at Ylikraka Attorneys-at-law covers every field of insolvency law and any associated legal aspects.


Our professionals have decades of experience acquired from numerous bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings and have served as liquidators in dept restructurings, carrying out vast changes in corporate structures and other mergers and acquisitions. We handle every bankruptcy assignment from trade names  to large corporations with efficiency and skill from start to finish.


Law Services

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Our services also include assignments related to real estate and building rights, most commonly administrative procedures and appellate procedures related to the use, management, and assignment of real estate.

As a great economic interest is often involved in real estate law assignments, our aim is to secure both a smooth progress and that our client’s interest is considered at every stage.

The characteristics of property right assignments include anticipation of possible events and close contact with the various stakeholders. We compile various documents and terms of reference for the procurement, use, and management of real estate.

In the event of controversial issues, we assist our clients with different appeals and administrative proceedings dealing with the legality of procedures or the possible compensations questions, always finding the most suitable and cost-efficient solution for our client’s needs.


Our office has decades of experience in handling insolvency cases, and our attorneys-at-law have worked in numerous bankruptcy proceedings as receivers, and as liquidators in business restructurings. Along with these we handle voluntary restructurings and merger arrangements. We also manage the debt collecting, foreclosure, recovery in bankruptcy, realisation, and criminal issues related to these assignments. We have extensive expertise in financial matters through stable economic education and years of practical experience, along with our juridical knowledge.


In addition to statutory restructurings, we also manage voluntary reorganisations. In company insolvency cases we can chart the possibilities of a voluntary or a statutory reshaping due to our experience and good creditor connections. We offer professional service in all of these proceedings.


As both receivers and liquidators, we have managed hundreds of bankruptcy estates and restructurings. As debtors have represented practically every domain of business, we have experience in taking care of bankruptcies and restructurings of various kinds and sizes, with experience in assisting creditors and debtors in foreclosure and recovery clearings.


Our good connections to experts in the fields of taxation, auditing, and realisation guarantee that our clients receive up-to-date information and reliable conclusions of both their current and future prerequisites for operation.


We also work closely with The Finnish Insolvency Law Association.


and Litigation

We have long-standing experience and vast skills in managing diverse disputes in both general courts and in arbitration proceedings. The reasons and backgrounds behind controversies are very different, stemming for instance from a signed contract, the quality of the provided services and goods or the other party's insolvency or reluctance to pay. Whatever the circumstances of the dispute, we endeavour to find a solution that satisfies our client.


In dispute resolution we aim for the most beneficial solution for our client, which often means finding an amicable solution. The advantages of settlement are a quick and final solution, meaning without appeal procedures often related to litigation, as well as minimisation and easier estimation of costs and troubles, among other things. If a settlement cannot be reached however, our services include the necessary litigation with experience and competence.


We always examine whether it is possible to cover the legal costs from the client’s legal expenses insurance for our client, and go through the litigation process and both its possibilities and risks carefully with our client beforehand to make sure that both our client and we share an accurate understanding on the method of handling the issue.


The versatile experience with various contract types adds to our general contract law knowledge. We assist our clients with diverse questions relating to contracts and contract law: ranging from individual contracts or creating the general contract terms and conditions of companies to interpretation or contract disputes.


We always draw up contracts together with our client. Our excellent understanding of contracts and comprehensive skills in different fields of business help us manage sets of agreements. We offer expert, customer-driven long-term solutions, always considering the individual circumstances of the client. Our tasks include negotiating and preparing different contracts.


As the most essential resource of any company is the personnel, the professional and careful management of both employment contracts and disputes arising from them should be approached with much greater severity than currently in many companies and organisations. The need for supplementing legislation and collective agreement clauses determining the positions of shareholders, the Board of Directors, CEO and other executives with separate contracts should be examined as well.


The expansion of the spectrum of issues related to labour law in recent years is caused by the increased number and complexity of disputes concerning fixed-term employment relationships, leased personnel, employee cooperation negotiations, confidentiality obligation and privacy protection matters, and protection against dismissal termination.


Change of generation in companies, business transfers and other contractual business arrangements form a major and growing area of focus in the field of labour law. Therefore its management is necessary for every company considering or implementing changes, as the employer must be familiar with the obligatory negotiation procedures and processes when downsizing the amount of employees or reorganising business.


The best labour law risk management for companies lies in well-compiled contracts, correctly handled negotiations, and competently executed actions, which create a solid foundation for maintaining work motivation for personnel as well. We help both companies and employees in drafting contracts and resolving problem situations.


Our corporate law services include legal counselling and problem solving in all phases of company development. We assist with matters related to establishing a business and selecting the company form as well as with any legal issues arising during business operation or changes.


We help our clients with specific questions on board work and decision-making with long-standing experience.


Real Estate Law


We have long practice in handling legal issues related to housing and real estate companies. Our services include taking care of the General Meeting of shareholders, actions for annulment, and all other legal services, i.e. the issues related to board members responsibilities, changes in the Articles of Association and seizure of apartments, along with applicable litigation where necessary.


Matters we help our clients with include the sales, rentals, or purchases of residences. We happily carry out measures pertaining to housing-company shares and real estate realisations according to our client’s wishes from start to finish. Our significant real estate transactions include high value properties in the centre of Helsinki, hundreds of hectares of both land and water areas, as well as diverse productional buildings such as factories. Besides these, we handle the sales of housing-company shares and various office premises independently.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We have wide-ranging expertise in M&A. Our professionals counsel clients on assorted juridical questions regarding mergers, acquisitions, divisions, and share exchanges.


We aid our clients with various assignments with versatile knowledge, and our solid expertise in tax and company laws among others ensures the best possible result for our client.


Efficient project management and strong negotiating skills are the fundamentals of M&A. We have acted as counsellors in both national and international M&A assignments of different sizes.

tort law

Both businesses and private persons may have to deal with damages and the related compensation claims, but most are unfamiliar with or have insufficient knowledge of the principles of liability for damages. When examining the possibilities for compensation of damage, the starting point is to clarify whether the damage originates from a contractual or non-contractual context, as the compensation rules are different between these two groups.


As we have dealt with damage proceedings in a variety of contexts through both negotiation and litigation procedures, we can often estimate in advance if a claim for compensation is advisable, or how to respond to one.

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